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Your dreams made reality

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Welcome to World Wild Wagens:

We are a company specialising in VW - Sales - Restoration - Parts & Modification.

Since 2004 we have been supplying, restoring, advising the VW Community with parts, knowledge, paint and bodywork.

Literally up the road from the VW Community's spiritual home, Santa Pod, our approach is one of a bespoke personal touch. We like to think each and every one of our new or old customers is treated by us as an individual.

We support the VW Community with the very best and often most unique buses and parts we can find, bringing them into the UK from all over the planet.

World Wild Wagens is a VW collective headed up by Biagio Chrzanowski, along with business partner Tristan Smith from sister company Auto Spa Ltd - Bodywork and Restoration.





About World Wild Wagens

World Wild Wagen's founder Biagio Chrzanowski has been a car fan all his living memory. He can trace this back as far as age 5, his mother and father told him as a small boy how he could name every make and model of car he saw on the road when he was a child. Granted there were far fewer cars around and variety but it seems Cars were in his blood, and there they would stay!

The first car crush Biagio had was in 1974 when a gentleman a couple streets across from where he lived had bought a new Gemini Blue GT Beetle. "I marveled at this cars unique look and its characterfull lines…I was hooked…summer cinema trips to the local cinema to watch herbie had me even more interested than before!."

Fast forward from the 70's to the late 80's Biagio started his motoring career with a 1964 Mini Cooper S which he kept for all of 1 year…beetles customized in the 'california look' of the late 80's in UK started to populate the area…and with Bug Jam being just 3 miles away the sight of the cars and the arrival of Volksworld Magazine it wasn't long before Biagio was hooked again on his first love of the VW beetle!. It was 1990 when Biagio bought his first beetle, a 1966 example that went on to star in a couple TV shows and win numerous awards from 94-96 …The car graced the cover of the Feb 95 Volksworld magazine with a 4 page feature inside. What Biagio had done was build a car in the theme of what was being called resto cal back then…the car was a favourite at shows and Biagio had a lot of fun cruising the car till he was made an offer he couldn't refuse! That car to this day looks as good as it did some 18 years ago when it was first debuted at 1994 Bug Jam. A testament maybe to Biagio's skills for restoration and quality approach and workmanship. This was to be the 1st of 4 feature cars so far in the Volksworld family of magazine to date.

After the car was sold Biagio got married, started a family, started a new job as an account manager widely travelling…for 2 years there were no VW's til a 2 owner RHD Oval rag was offered to him and a 60 RHD rag top was found near his place of work in Nottingham, these were both acquired in 1998 for occasional summer use as family outing cars….to this day these 2 cars remain in the WWW collection!

It's now early 2004, his job was lost as the company closed UK operations and Biagio decided to dive headlong into business for himself. Already having gained a good reputation for restoring and selling Porsche Wheels and Old school BMX bikes and parts, he decided soon after to import his dream bus from Sunny SoCal…that dream bus was also someone else's dream bus, so it was passed to a new owner and off he went to find a another bus, but before he knew it he'd sourced and acquired 10 or so buses in quick succession before the any more had landed in UK! A new obsession had started! As the years rolled by Biagio flew out to the USA regularly looking for cars and parts, both used and new..this led him to seek out unique products and upgrade parts from companies not represented in UK, or Europe for that matter.

Today, with over 100 vehicles having passed through WWW's workshops the company has developed and grown with a fully equipped restoration and bodyshop centre in the name of Auto Spa Ltd, also in Souldrop, Bedfordshire, founded with co partner and friend Tristan Smith. All manner of modification, upgrades, servicing etc can be carried out, no job is too small or too big. From a bumper repair to a show winning build WWW are well equiped to undertake the challenge and make your dream come true!

World Wild Wagens prides itself on always trying to have a cool and interesting mix of Split screen buses and late Chevrolets in stock, as well as continuing to expand their product ranges and services provided.

In case you were wondering, Biagio does have his own collection of Buses and Bugs that he says for the best part are 'not for sale'!

We can even source or sell specific vehicles for you.

Why not contact us and let us know what parts or vehicles you are
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Why not contact us at World Wild Wagens and ask us if we have the parts you are looking for in stock?

We stock New & Used parts for all sorts of vehicles and can even source those rarer parts for you, if you're struggling to find that last piece of your resto.

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